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a $40 hat worn by sorostitutes because "white trash is soooo cool this year!"
"Oh my God Christy! You have to see this great trucker hat I got at American Eagle yesterday! It's soooooo much like a real trucker hat, only I paid $40 for it! Aren't I cool?!"
by sara February 12, 2004
a sexy sort of growling sound
"I rawred at him cutely"
by Sara February 17, 2005
slang term for marijuana
hey dude, lets smoke... you got any buds on you?
by sara January 04, 2003
Bag of Weed, costs $20.00 dollars and is enough to make 4 fat joints.
I know this dealer that sells 20's.
by Sara January 26, 2005
(a.)Only one of the coolest things ever. If you ever meet the man who made duct tape you should marry him (unless you're a guy or he and/or you are married).

(b.)A nice little money maker. People will actually buy stuff made out of it, i.e. wallets, roses, cell phone cases etc. Of course if I had no skill in making it, I would too.
(a.)girl-"Hey, did you ever figure out the guy who made that cool stuff they call duct tape?" guy-"Yea, I think I'm gonna propose today!" girl-"Hey, aren't you married...and a guy?" guy-"Dangit!"

(b.)I just made 20 dollars when I sold this stuff I made out of tape, but not any tape, duct tape!
by sara February 19, 2005
to drink alcohol to the point of being heavly intoxicated... drunk
dude, we drank a fifth of vodka yesterday... we were wasted
by sara November 20, 2004
dumbasses. all of them. they helped re-elect our president, george bush. why did they elect them? because of the bible. they are all homophobes. every single fucking one. they are all against abortion. they are all against choice. they are all against making our nation stronger.

i want to know at LEAST ONE thing that bush has done to make our country stronger. what has he done? he has done absolutely NOTHING. he has been waisting our money in a pointless war that should've been over like, a year ago. hell, it was a pointless war. our stocks are going WAAAAAAAAAY down the drain. people are losing their jobs for no reason.

gays cannot get married now. because our dumbass president has had their FREEDOM practically taken away from them. whatever the hell happened to '..and the land of the free' ..? hmm? what happened to that slogan? what fucking happened to it?

mothers are having to have babies, even if they don't want to. hell, would if a 12 year old got raped by her father? or some man? and got pregnant? would YOU want to have to go through 9 months, your reputation being fucked up, having morning sickness, and having to face the pain? and almost fucking dieing from the pain of it? no. i don't think you would.

i'm almost embarassed to be an american. all because of this dumbass we call our president.
"hi i iz gorge bushz n i wood lyk 2 thank mi daddy 4 electin me prezident!!!!"
by sara March 13, 2005
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