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An evening excursion for a group of women all of whom must dress in revealing or scanty attire, and who should, as part of the etiquette of the event, consume large quantities of alcohol, and make a lot of noise. It is conventional at such events for one party to vomit whilst another holds the retcher's hair back from her face.
Gillian's girl's night out had been a great success with only minor casualties.
by Sara August 17, 2003
A hindi version of the an ancient Sanskrit greeting "Namaste" which is still in everyday use in India and Nepal Himalaya. Translated roughly, it means "I bow to the God within you", or "The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you" - a knowing that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness.
Jai Bhagwan is used interchangeable with Namaste is some yoga classes.
by Sara March 27, 2005
Hey. I think that jelly bracelets are awesome. I hate to think that out society has came down to this. I mean come on. Little 6 and 7 year old girls wear them to play dress up not to have sex. So people think that older kids who wear them, have sex and play the game. So what do u think about little kids wearing them? ITs all a bunch of bullshit. Everyone needs to shut the hell up about it and get over it. People can bitch and bitch about them and kids are still gonna wear them like me. i wear so many its unreal but i dont play the game. All it is, is people expressing themselves. Aint it better than the youth gettin tatooes? Think bout it.
La la la. im gonna hve sex 2night bcuz some1 broke mah bracelet. GET REAL!!!!
by sara January 12, 2004
Just nice way to say Fu*k you
Whateva Dude...you aint got sh*t on me
by Sara November 09, 2004
the 2 most talented twins in the world.
they're also hot.
benji and joel madden make me have an orgasm
by sara March 13, 2005
A small rural town about a half an hour outside of rochester, ny. it is a college town, home to Geneseo State, and not much else goes on in Geneseo. See bumfucknowhere
I live in Geneseo, and I am bored off my ass.
by Sara May 05, 2005
What "smoking pot" sounds like after 6 bowls
"What are ya'll doing?"
"well, we WERE poking smot"
by Sara March 27, 2003
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