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Someone afraid to kiss the same or opposite sex.
Alec;*attempts to kiss Sara*
Sara;Maybe not tonight *pushes away*
by Sara April 02, 2005
act of eating popcorn at the movies before you get to your seat by putting your tongue in the popcorn box because your other hand is holding your soda.
As I walked to my seat, I committed cornalingus because I couldn't wait until my hands were free to taste the popcorn.
by Sara June 16, 2006
like a hussler but better, a gentleman, and all around nice guy, and sensitive, but hardcore at the same time
It that a hutzler?
Heck yes it is...it's a paul hutzler
by Sara December 30, 2004
sleeping with or dating someone your friend has already dated or slept with.
After Jayne committed friendcest with Samantha's ex-boyfriend, their friendship was never the same.
by Sara November 25, 2004
female genitalia, the vaginal area
They were making a hootananny about her pootananny
by Sara October 31, 2004
1. To be fronting, somewhat like a poser
2. To be acting like a stunna or stunner
"and I be stuntin like my daddy, stuntin' like my daddy...
I'm the-- young stunna, stuntin' like my daddy"
--Lil Wayne ("Stunting Like My Daddy")
by Sara June 18, 2006
Meth addict. From the slang word jib.
dude yuor such a jib head
by Sara March 20, 2005

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