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A term used to refer to someone who is so stupid and pointless that their existance is a waste. It literally means that the organic matter that makes up their body could have ben put to -much- better use, such as maybe making a few cats, or some bugs, or even a few trillion bacteria, all of which would be more beneficial to the earth than the sorry excuse for a human being referred to.
Most of the kids at my school are nothing but big wastes of biomass.
by RZ October 05, 2003
The coolest motherfucker in the Lava Room.
Look out, Zein is having a good night!
by RZ February 06, 2005
A celebration for a young lady when she reaches adulthood, aka Wade's Birthday Celebration.
Example: Are you going to Wades Dayboo?
by RZ July 30, 2004
B-RAD from Malibus Most Wanted
Thats d- shiznt
by rz October 27, 2003
Stupid japanese talking fool
omfg, you are so Noir04
by Rz April 21, 2003
An offensive slur of "hominid". Used to refer scornfully to human beings.
Those stupid mids never know when to quit, do they?
by RZ October 05, 2003

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