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A type of invitation to any social event sent out of sympathy, to avoid discrepancy or to simply make up an attendance number. It is sometimes sent in the hopes that the invitee will simply decline and throw it away, which is what should be done if sent one regardless of it's purpose.
Dave: What the? Kat sent me an invite to her 18th.
Mike: But you guys never really speak.
Dave: I know right, I totally just got binvited!
by Ryryq January 26, 2010
To hug inanimate objects on those lonely nights.
Walked in on Mike hugubating with his pillow last night. He tried to pretend that he was just napping, but I knew what he was doing. Was pretty disgusting to say the least. (hugubate)
by Ryryq November 27, 2011
Derived from the term ‘Jack of all trades’ and shares the same meaning. It is a reference to Jim Penman, of Jim's Group, whose Australian mowing business (Jim’s Mowing) transformed into several other maintenance trades which each franchise is commonly branded with ‘Jim's’ and then the trade.

At present Jim's Group is the second largest business in Australia and has expanded into Britain, it includes: Jim’s Mowing, Jim's Antennas, Jim's Bookkeeping, Jim's Building Maintenance, Jim's Computer Services, Jim's Dog Wash, Jim's Painting and Jim's Roofing.
Julie: Jack is great; he cut my grass, fixed my computer, fixed the roof, he even fixed my television reception while he was up there.

Holly: Really? What does he do for work?

Julie: Nothing amazing.

Holly: Hmm, he's a Jim of all trades.
by Ryryq November 30, 2009
What you say when you see a scary-looking African-American female, like the character 'May Day' in 007: A View to a Kill (or even Grace Jones herself).
Tom: Man, did you see Zorin's girlfriend in that James Bond film, A View to a Kill!?

Bob: Awe, what a terror; May Day!
by Ryryq September 20, 2009
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