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What you would say to any douche-bag attacking you in a dismissive, bias, ignorant, hypocritical, narcissistic, distortive and incriminating way, much like the douche-bag commentary of Bill O'Reilly.
Guy #1: Dude, I've lost so much respect for you after you called my girlfriend a bitch.
Guy #2: But you said that she was yourself, remember?
Guy #1: That wasn't what I meant.
Guy #2: You're such a hypocrite; you know perfectly well that I was just backing you up after you said it, so get off your high-horse and Don't O'Reilly Me, asshole.
Guy #1: We need to cut to a commercial.
by Ryryq March 21, 2010
Any song that has a play-length that is under three minutes, like majority of The Beatles' songs.
Dan: This song is really good but it's only a minute and a half long.

Bud: Yeah, it's like a Beatles song.
by Ryryq September 20, 2009
Vaginal Intercourse.
In no time at all, Caren and I will be doing the bush dance.
by Ryryq June 27, 2010
A disagreement in which the beefee is unaware of.
Tom: Melissa said that she wants to come tonight, that okay?
Jack: Uh, no...I'm sort of having a Secret-beef with her about that guy a few weeks back.
Tom: Why haven't you told her that it bothered you?
Jack: I don't want to deal with the bullshit, it isn't necessary.
by Ryryq March 24, 2010
A love or relationship that helps you realise your actual love for another. It is where you have been too distracted with your current partner to be mindful of anybody else, however, once the honeymoon period of the relationship passes, you realise the misdirection.

It works much the same as the misdirection used in a magic trick or a pickpocketing, where you realise that your watch or wallet is gone.
Brad: Man, did Jennifer look stunning tonight and she was flirting with me and everything; wish that she was mine.
Curt: Really? What about Alex, you know, your new girlfriend?
Brad: Ahh yeah...I've obviously been so distracted by her that I never noticed how much I want Jen!
Curt: That is some unfortunate Misdirective Love because now you're stuck with Alex.
by Ryryq March 05, 2010
a condition or practise where things are not considered hygienic if they do not appear to be hygienic in other people's eyes, regardless of if it is clean or not. Eyegiene habits are typically found in the hospitality business.
Bill: So, after the silverware has been put through the dishwasher, you need to give it a polish.
Kim: Why?
Bill: So that it looks clean.
Kim: But it IS clean?
Bill: No it isn't, not until it LOOKS clean. It's a eyegienic practise, it's eyegiene.
by Ryryq December 19, 2009
The act of stating that you had a premonition of something that had happened in the past, however, the first time that you have told anybody about the premonition was afterwards, rendering it questionable and useless. Coined by Hamish & Andy.
Hamish: Oh my god, I had a dream last night that that horse would win.

Andy: Uhhh, you're not magic; you can't get Hindsight Premonitions.
by Ryryq November 30, 2009
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