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Defines a person whose life is stress centered.
"She is surrounded by drama... She is so stresscentric"
by Rychenroller January 26, 2013
The alienation of everyone around you.
She doesn't have any friends within a 300 mile radius because, she is a hoarder and has circumalienated everyone she knows.

Being ashamed of my love for Justin Beiber has caused me to circumalienate friends and family because I am afraid they won't understand "
by Rychenroller January 26, 2013
Pretending with another person or group of people.
"Look at those kids dressed like a boy band.... what a bunch of copretenders"
by Rychenroller January 26, 2013
A parental protest against their children's choice of pants. Threatening to take away the choice to wear too tight, sagging, or just plain ugly pants.
"The depantcipation proclamation went into effect the moment you came down the stairs in the stairs in those jeans. Now, take them off and hand them over."
by Rychenroller January 26, 2013
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