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Someone, usually a gay man, who loudly acts stereotypically gayer (feigning a slight lisp, limping wrists, gushing over Lady GaGa, etc.) than he or she normally would act in order to get attention.
Like a flamboyant robot whose rainbow circuits only activate when certain people are looking, Percy is such a flambot!

"You usually pride yourself on passing for straight, but whenever we go to a bar with your girl friends, you suddenly start squealing about how FAAABulous Britney Spears is. Man, you're such a flambot."
by Ryan_Greene August 04, 2009
Someone who acts gay (or gayer) for some specific purpose. Commonly done to get attention, special treatment, or (in the case of straight men) access to woman-dominated locations and activities. Shortened form of fabrigay egg.

See also: flambot, flambiguous, fauxmosexual
"At home you act like a Will, but whenever we go out, you act like a Jack! God, you're such a fabrigay egg."

"LiLo, diving with Samantha Ronson didn't make you relevant again. Can you please stop being such a fabrigay now?"
by Ryan_Greene August 04, 2009
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