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An extreme Doushbag. Or someone on the verg of being an extreme Doushbag. Idiot Fuck, Fucktard for brains. As to refure to Charles Dickens . Yet a guy so fool of shitty ideas. He is a Doush Dickens. He wrote the book on Doushbag.
We were trying to get this move job done .And all day Georgey wanted to put his useless two cents in. everytime he would have an idia ,it sucked so bad. Finally I had to set him straight . I had to bring out not only Doushbag ,but I had to call him a Doush Dickens rite to his Doushbag face . King doushbag Doush Dickens.
by Rutterkid August 03, 2010
A guy who' dick is so small . And his game so small . He is only talking shit when he refurres to woman he'd like to nail. He aint nailling nobody the Tweedle dick the bug fucker. A guy who dreams up wild dreams of banging good lookig chicks. And who also has a small weeny.
OH guys and Im gonna invite becky to my birthday party and she gonna come ,and she's gona sit with me ,and she's gonna wanna go out with me and she's gonna bring me a present. oh shut the fuck mikey you aint fucking nobody you Tweedle dick the bug fucker. stop dreaming shit up . She dont like you . You dweeb. You fucking geek.
by Rutterkid August 03, 2010
A Booker. Usually from the nose. Of someone gross and descusting . Its a booker thats usaully part green & hard on one end. Black & rubbery in the middle . And snotty&slimey on the other end. Ewww thats a REAL GINDER !
Like when a Auto Mechanic picks his nose in front of somebody and showes it to them. OMG it can look nasty! Boy thats a Real Ginder You got there Boy! Euwww fucking Foul man!
by Rutterkid April 17, 2011

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