Top Definition
Just another term for dumbass, or someone that talks bullshit.

-Originated in Tatamagouche,
Nova Scotia
Joe: Man Your Sister Is Hott!!
Bill: Joe, That's My Mom...
Frank: Joe, you stupid
f**king "doushbag"!
by Bobby Mackinnon August 03, 2005
some doush bag, a dentist whos name I really don't care's a gay name, too gay for anyone to know but still he is really stupid.
dentist: hi are you ready for your retainer its me the doush bag
me: fuck you old timer
dentist: now now no need to say naughty words
me: you bitch *pulls out a knife* *stabs in crotch*
dentist: hahahaha that dosn't hurt much because there's nothing there
me:son of a bitch
by vipmike November 19, 2006
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