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An exclamation, which in light of the irreverently popular smash hit film, "Borat" now connotes the justifiable gloating over any sudden victory in life, fortune or career which dismays one's jealous competitors by virtue of its magnitude and/or sheer unexpectedness. It is most effective to exclaim "Great Success!" in the very midst of one's petty and mean-spirited detractors, especially at the precise moment they are forced to acknowledge one's hatefully coveted good fortune.

The radiant bride exclaimed "Great Success!" as she and her handsome groom pushed through the throng of her mean-spirited step family and into the couple's late model Rolls Royce.
by Russell Clark December 09, 2006
Skinny dipping for the corpulent. Fat-assed exhibitionism.
That BBW wanted to go chunky dunking in the hot tub with me. I told her I would, but that I was afraid we'd have to take turns!
by Russell Clark May 18, 2006
Acronym for "boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion". This type of explosion is extremely hazardous and can occur during the rupture of a vessel containing pressurized liquid. When the liquid is water, the explosion is usually called a steam explosion. An alternate, whimsical interpretation of the acronym is "Blast Leveling Everything Very Effectively."

A BLEVE can occur in a vessel that stores a substance under pressure where the stored contents coexist at high pressure in both a liquid and gaseous phase, e.g., liquefied petroleum gas. A BLEVE is possible for this type of container where sudden decompression within the container causes a rapid boiling of the liquid contents, resulting in an explosive overpressure at the point of rupture.

A BLEVE can be prevented in the case of a venting gas cylinder by cooling the cylinder with water or foam, taking special care not to extinguish the flame in the process, until the leak is stopped or the cylinder emptied.

by Russell Clark February 02, 2007
Devout Rastafari women. Female devotees to the Light of Jah Rastafari.
"The Sistren of Rastafari nation is taken a Majestic leap to shine the light of Jah Rastafari to all the corners of InI planet and InI must trod to fulfill I Father´s works." - Ras Nini
by Russell Clark December 04, 2006
A term of possible Southern US origin connoting a group of half-siblings, each of whom possesses a different babydaddy and on one or more of whom's behalf the mother receives a crazy check. The term posseses no singular form and is distinct in meaning from the similar term, chirren, which is a simple corruption of the standard English, children.
After Suzy won the lotto last year she went Parish Chilton big time and like crazy fast, fried and dyed her hair, got Botox, Lipo and boob implants and then moved with her passle of chirrens into that abandoned mansion of a spec house there in Collyel - you know, the one with the large swimming pool shaped like the Jim Beam bottle. But wouldn't you know it. . . it wasn't long after this that each of those chirrens' babydaddies came out of the woodwork to show sudden interest in the welfare of his respective child. You know, I think one of the jokers even tried to claim that he had paternity over all of the children!
by Russell Clark December 03, 2006
An ill-advised and single-mindedly pursued strategy, which inevitably or predictably brings about failure of the strategist's project.
The US stragedy of favoring the Shiite factions merely led to intensification of Civil War in Iraq and ultimately to the formation of a Shiite Islamic Superstate in the region.

It might be argued the attempt to import Western-style democracy to a very different and dynamic culture without first understanding the culture's historical development or its religious and philosphical underpinnings constitutes the fundamental US stragedy for Iraq.
by Russell Clark November 26, 2006
Otherwise known as IDD, a relatively rare disorder characterized by a notable lack of original, which is to say, innovative, interesting or humorous ideas. Like Rabies, the first symptom of this "disease" is a developing fear in the victim that they may indeed be a sufferer. This leads the sufferer of IDD to develop various tactics and strategies for masking this deficit of metaphysical presence, for example, keeping one's mentor(s) in the closet and isolated from one's social circles so that one's frequent parroting of the mentor's wisdom and witticisms is not detected and can be passed off as one's own. Another common tactic of a sufferer of IDD is the practice of recycling of endearments.

The character Howard Crick played by Will Farrell in the popular film, Stranger than Fiction (2006) provides us with as good an example as any of a person suffering from what might be termed "identity deficit disorder".

What Derrida has effectively accused all thinkers of suffering from when he proved that metaphysical presence is mere illusion.

Tommy frequently recycled the ideas and suggestions of his friends and acquaintances. And in this way at least put up a passable appearance of having a personality to call his own. If Tommy ever did have an idea of his very own no one ever knew it since it'd invariably die on the vine before he could tell anyone.
by Russell Clark December 03, 2006

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