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n. ebonics for children. Also heard as chirren(s), chillun(s), and childring.
Momma, call these chirrens into the house. Dey be too young to be fuckin' right here on the front porch so white foks ken see 'um when dey drives by.
by Richard Black April 20, 2005
A term of possible Southern US origin connoting a group of half-siblings, each of whom possesses a different babydaddy and on one or more of whom's behalf the mother receives a crazy check. The term posseses no singular form and is distinct in meaning from the similar term, chirren, which is a simple corruption of the standard English, children.
After Suzy won the lotto last year she went Parish Chilton big time and like crazy fast, fried and dyed her hair, got Botox, Lipo and boob implants and then moved with her passle of chirrens into that abandoned mansion of a spec house there in Collyel - you know, the one with the large swimming pool shaped like the Jim Beam bottle. But wouldn't you know it. . . it wasn't long after this that each of those chirrens' babydaddies came out of the woodwork to show sudden interest in the welfare of his respective child. You know, I think one of the jokers even tried to claim that he had paternity over all of the children!
by Russell Clark December 03, 2006
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