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One stinking, fat, drunken, uneducated welfare witch. She drinks cheap whiskey all day and breathes booze breath on everyone she encounters. She has really bad breath, and smokes like a chimney. Her kids take care of themselves all day in their government subsidised housing, tearing up the place and throwing poop at each other, while she whores it up at the local watering hole. A lot of her kids are retarded from fetal alcohol syndrome. She has a rear end the size of New Hampshire.
"If I had a choice between being with that whiskey pig or death, I would chose death."
by running out of patience February 12, 2008
When a young man sneaks his hard girth in the popcorn cup in a theatre and tries to share his "popcorn" with his date. Can wind up with a spontaneous handjob or a slap in the face.
That dork! He slipped me the buttered theatre girth on the first date!! Then what happened? I stroked his buttered peany and he exploded on my dress.
by Running out of patience February 15, 2007
Usually right after lunch break in a factory, employees will fill up the six stalls in the men's room and engage in team pooping. They will talk about useless sports news while they pound one out. The medley of aroma is strangling and will make your eyes burn. If you hold your nose, you will taste it. Truly makes you wish you would have stayed in school.
"Look at Jeremy. He just experienced his first team pooping. Either you love it or you hate it. I think he hates it."
by Running out of patience March 01, 2008
These are trendy words and terms used by clueless corporate fatcats. These BMW driving morons are lost and scared when walking through a manufacturing facility alone. They are normally in small groups. The only words they say are "ISO, synergy, delight customers, world class blah, blah, blah.., global, just in time, black belt, six sigma, you get the picture."
"I can't believe that Ben asshole. He comes in at 10:00, says a few buzz words, surfs the net, goes to lunch, comes back at 2:00, makes a phone call, schedules a meeting, says a few more buzz words, takes a horrendous stinking shit, surfs the net again and then goes golfing."
by Running out of patience March 01, 2008
When a person makes a pouting face that resembles a fishes face. Also someone who is upset is "guppying".
"I can't believe that pookie. She has been such a guppy all week."
by running out of patience March 13, 2008
What a frustrated crime monkey blurts out after he punches a standing rib roast at Cub Foods.
$14.99 a poun'? Thud..Thud..Smack...Slap.. ain't gonna pay dat for the moefoe.
by running out of patience January 19, 2008
These are little, under-achieving men with low self esteem that tailgate people and make loud hot rod sounds with their 8000 lb. noisemakers. They are usually wife beating drunks and have crappy jobs. The size of the truck in many instances is inversely proportional to the size of his "junk." It makes people like me laugh my ass off when they can't get their way in traffic.
"Man. Those angry truck men are really following us closely. Bruce, grab the gun."
by running out of patience December 12, 2007

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