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A girl who knows how to have a good time. Artistic, beautiful, and loud. She will be one of the stars at any party. She enjoys being outside, planting flowers or watering the grass. But be careful! Once you've made her mad you better find a nice card and a hug for her to forgive you! Overall, a real nice, social lady.
Kyle: Ready for the party?
Taylor: Yea! Lets go get Angelia!
by Rugido July 22, 2010
Dog name:

A sweet and cute looking, normally small dog. But don't touch! She might look cute and sweet but she will nip at you in a heartbeat. Has a interesting attitude, and might snore at night. She only likes certain people, and LOVES food.
Kyle: Aww, what a sweet looking dog!
Taylor: Psh. Itty? Don't touch her though. She might take your hand off.
by Rugido July 22, 2010

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