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A word of Yiddish origin used to describe a chubby girl, but in a very good way. However, a word of caution: even though it's a kindhearted word, and a euphemism for fat, your wife/girlfriend probably won't feel the same way. She might, but if you call her zaftig, you're more than likely to get a black eye or have to stand outside the bathroom with tissues, depending on the kind of girl she is.

Alternate spelling: zoftig
The following is a conversation between a young Scottish couple who's just started dating:

"Does this kilt make me look fat?"
"No...no...it makes you look...zaftig! I think you look very sexy, old girl."

Good ending:
"Thanks, boy. Let's go to the cricket club now."
Bad ending:
"You think I'm fat! You're mean! I hate you! Get away! Our date tonight is OFF!"
by Ruger.12Bore April 10, 2009
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