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A screaming conversation
I had a screamversation with my daughter in the car when she told me about another speeding ticket.
by Rubinator August 11, 2010
Being depressed from not seeing any Glee episodes in a long time.
I am so bummed that I haven't seen Glee in such a long time, I think I'm in a Gleepression.
by rubinator December 05, 2010
Conveniently being sick to avoid going somewhere you don't want to.
The last thing I want to do tonight is go to that office party,,I guess I'll be sick by coming down with a case of fluvenience.
by rubinator April 04, 2011
A suitcase of spare clothes in case your trip is extended or the weather changes drastically.
Since we are headed for Florida and the weather's been crazy I have this suitcase of warm weather clothes and this justincase filled will cooler weather clothes.
by rubinator December 17, 2010

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