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Someone who is apart of the website, Simler.
Jake: Dude, I didn't know your a Simiam?

Mark: Are you kidding? Of course I am!
by RttaM December 10, 2009
Simler is a tag based Social Network. Simler uses these “tags” in order to connect people with similar interests.
Dave: Dude, you hear about Simler?

Jake: Nah, man what it is?

Dave: A Tag Based Social Network!
by RttaM December 17, 2009
To skunk:

(third-person singular simple present skunks, present participle skunking, simple past and past participle skunked)

1. To make a Skype call to someone while drunk.
Dania: Jeff was Skunking last night!

Mike: Oh my god who did he skunk?

Dania: Matt, from the Bar!
by RttaM December 09, 2009

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