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To use Facebook as a platform to brag. Normally about a job, internship, trip, purchase or anything else that nobody really needs to know but you'd like to tell everyone because you're awesome.
Sample Facebook Status: Jane Stephens is headed to London with her new iPhone for her 2nd JOB INTERVIEW!!!!! :))))

"Hey, did you see Jane's newest Facebrag? Eesh."
by Rtrock June 29, 2009
A term for the old, outdated phone you have to use when your current phone breaks.
"It takes me ten minutes to type a text message on this brickberry now that my iPhone broke, but at least i get to play snake."
by Rtrock December 21, 2008
When using breasts to stimulate a penis, the man lights his pubic hair on fire right before he is about to produce. Then the woman finishes him off using her mouth and puts out the pubic fire using a small electronic fan.
A.J. Daulerio tries to get women using the smoky tornado, normally with great success.
by Rtrock May 16, 2007
Turning off the lights when someone is using them for something like showering or using the toilet.
Guy 1: "Why is that girl screaming?"

Guy 2: "Oh man, she just got delighted in the shower."
by Rtrock May 16, 2007
A procession or gathering of attractive females.
Guy at mall: "Damn, look at those women, it's a regular march of dimes."
by Rtrock August 28, 2007
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