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(Noun) A term used to describe an Emo kid's iPod, based on it's contents.
"That emo kid is too busy listening to his cryPod"
by Royce November 01, 2006
(adj) A word used to describe the level of skin, or naked action in a movie. Cited from 'Mystery Science Theater 3000', Episode 519- OUTLAW
"Funular bunular, fruit of the loomular, frenchical tongular, wabitaboobular! Fleshical orbicle, smorgasti-boobular, tushobutt cheekular ball!"
by Royce May 05, 2005
Pretending to blow you load in a chicks mouth but instead pissing in it.

The punch her in the face and crap in her hair.
I gave my bitch a rattlecat last night.
by Royce April 21, 2005
(v)Snoy ch - A term used to describe the action of stealing something in an overt manner. See yoink
"I just snoiched it from him"
by Royce September 14, 2005
God of Confusion, Controler of all Lizard minions.
Perplexecles threw the frog into the airlock, and after exclaiming "You'll never be a Lizard!" decompressed the chamber.
by Royce September 27, 2003
A girl is giving you head between your legs from behind (weiner tucked underneath) and you crap on her face.
Oh man, I bamboozled my bitch last night.
by Royce April 21, 2005
Shoot your load all over a chicks face and then punch her in the face and break her nose.
You just gave me a blueberry cream pie you jerk!
by Royce April 21, 2005
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