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7 definitions by RoxyStarr

Someone you don't really find attractive but you fuck anyway.
Either to boost your credability in a particular scene or to become initiated into said scene vicariously through the hard scene work of others.
"So how do you know Jason..?"
"oh I scene fucked him 6 months back, i'm way more scene than him now he wants to scene fuck me.."
not disimilar to the scene date, scene friends
by RoxyStarr July 17, 2005
One of the great phrases to describe the fuck-upity-ness of cross-boundry, inter-friendship 'relating'

FRIENDCEST - Dating friends, dating your friends friends. You already like them... your friends already like them, so why not....... fuck it all up?"
The phenomena of inter group dating / relating in social groupings. esp. relevent to university and post university friend bases.

"I'm friendcesting your ex, Michelle.."
-"no worries mate, i'm doing your sister."
by RoxyStarr July 16, 2005
To date someone purely for the purpose of boosting your scene appeal.
e.g. "i dont know why those two are going out, shes ugly and he's a slut.."
"oh you know, they're scene dating"
also see scene friends, scene fuck
by RoxyStarr July 17, 2005
One who had out grown there slutty ways.
'Matt's in a new post-slut phase'
by RoxyStarr July 16, 2005
The phenomenon of less than attractive people being transported into the realms of the fuckable, purely be their stage persona or presence.
Usually associated with un-hot guys in bands being elevated to the status of both fuckable and dateable.
"Was Matt hot?"
"nah, not really, he was just stage pretty"
by RoxyStarr July 17, 2005
Like spectacular but with implied sarcasm.
"Jamie, Granny sent you hand knitted undies again for xmas!"
"gee mum, thats spaztacular..."
by RoxyStarr July 17, 2005
To open up an agressive exchange of cusses, slander and secret spilling etc.. on a person who has peeved you off in real life - via the medium of a message board.

Posted: May 18, 2005 11:57 AM

No strings sex is just peachy.
Lying about stuff to get it makes:
A) you a cunt
B) you unnecessarily stupid
C) friends who once liked you no longer give a fuck about your existence.

In order to make this clear i must add i was temporarily in favour of changes this group to 'matt's a cunt'
then i realised that that would only increase his already large sense of self importance.
so instead i leave in on the wise words of frankie and say 'you sex was whack...'

Have a nice day people.
by RoxyStarr July 17, 2005