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5 definitions by Rowley

Jam jar - car
Lets all get in the jam and go daaah to brighton.
by Rowley May 16, 2003
31 14
A large blunt instrument, typically a cosh or police baton used to enforce authority over another person.
"If you don't back down i'll smash your noggin in with my fuckstick!"
by Rowley May 16, 2003
1 1
Euphemism for the female mammary glands
"Coooor - check out the earthas on that!"
by Rowley May 16, 2003
10 13
A combination of funny and clever to create the ultimate compliment.
I say, Ansol, that was quite clevy when you firebombed the abortion clinic! Those heathen bastards"
by Rowley December 01, 2005
2 9
Public house, Pub, bar. Any establishment licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises.
You coming daaahn the juicer tonight?
by Rowley May 16, 2003
5 15