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Jam jar - car
Lets all get in the jam and go daaah to brighton.
by Rowley May 16, 2003
A large blunt instrument, typically a cosh or police baton used to enforce authority over another person.
"If you don't back down i'll smash your noggin in with my fuckstick!"
by Rowley May 16, 2003
A combination of funny and clever to create the ultimate compliment.
I say, Ansol, that was quite clevy when you firebombed the abortion clinic! Those heathen bastards"
by Rowley December 01, 2005
Euphemism for the female mammary glands
"Coooor - check out the earthas on that!"
by Rowley May 16, 2003
Public house, Pub, bar. Any establishment licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises.
You coming daaahn the juicer tonight?
by Rowley May 16, 2003
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