5 definitions by RottingStiifs

A group of zombies or bunches of zombies and or a name for zombies in general.
"Look at those rotting stiffs over there".
by RottingStiifs March 15, 2008
A Man, Acctually a dragon man, or maybe even just a dragon. He burns country sides, peasants, and all the peoples. Trogdor comes out only in the night and enjoys Sqeedlys and Meedleys.
You see that beast over there setting those houses ablaze, that's TROGDOR!!!
by RottingStiifs March 15, 2008
The act of getting smashed and doing fucked up shit with you buddies.
"Johan asked Nate if he was ready to get mass boracho tonight".
by RottingStiifs March 15, 2008
A porn name derived from the film Barely Legal. Also known as a man with a giant wiener.
"Bob is also known as Ballsmclongcock in the porn industry."
by RottingStiifs March 15, 2008
Advanced human like creatures and or aliens that comes from a distant planet bent on world domination, being shitty neighbors, lighting cigarettes backwards, going down the streets in wagons and or people movers, and or being goverment officals and or weird people. May need special glasses to see them.
"Them shlopidites are the end of the world I tells ya".
by RottingStiifs March 15, 2008

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