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Making cruel and judgemental remarks about ones past. Especially if these remarks involve any of the following:

•Having sex with a piece of plastic(Also known as Pamela Anderson)
Gilbert Gottfried: "David Hasselhoff walks into a bar every morning. . . And then stays there until it closes!"
by Rostra Maximus August 16, 2010
An interesting strain of weed started in Spring, TX by an anonymous grower. Very odd buds, they actually look almost like leaves. Believed to be a cross between White Widow and Blue Widow
Guy1: Hey dude, pass me some of that Widow
Guy2:Dontcha mean "WHITE" widow?
Guy2:Nah, my dealer hooked me up
by Rostra Maximus August 02, 2010
A statement made in that sounds incredibly obvious
Tim: Bitches be tripping
Eric: When Charlie Sheen does a mountain of coke. . .
by Rostra Maximus March 15, 2011
An orgy of "lols".
Usually formed by teenage Californian females.
Girl1:I was like Lol!
Girl2:Really, lol?
Girl2: Yeah! And he was lolling too!
by Rostra Maximus August 16, 2010
Going out into a tucked away area of a public location such as a community center or a park and forming a spot to hang out in.
Jim made a clubhouse in the forest near the school. It got knocked down. . . But it still kicked ass as a great Camping Experience.
by Rostra Maximus August 04, 2010
Bitch Slappin someone with the evolutionary theory created by Charles Darwin.
Sara and Justin were discussing Evolution when. . .
Sara: All the pretty-smart people should destroy all ugly and stupid people to make way for smart and sexy people.

Justin: But I'm not pretty or smart!!!

Sara: You just got Darwin'd. . .
by Rostra Maximus August 30, 2010
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