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A game made by Jagex Ltd. Which is an MMORPG (Massive, Multi, online roll playing game) Basically all you do is earn stats, money, and items. Theres a free and p2p version. The p2p version is over 3x as big, 2x more quest, alot more monsters, and more skills. It is updated usually every Monday.
Runescape, a game by Jagex Ltd.
by Rossroth2 July 05, 2005
A spirit on the game RuneScape

A once powerful warrior reduced to rubble like his other 6 brothers by a notorious being, possibly Count Draken.

He has the strongest armor in all of RuneScape. When worn in conjunction with all peices with the twin hammers, it drains the opponents energy.

To learn more about Torag, read the Crumbling Tome.
Torags armor is cool. Has alot of spikes.
by Rossroth2 August 12, 2005

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