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A terd so big and mean it rips your ass on the way out then growls back at you from the toilet water.
My anus was just ruined by an assbear.
by Ross and Chiu May 10, 2005
when you fail to shower in days and you scratch your nuts, sniff your fingers, that god awful horrid smell; THAT is pubic spice
jesus! my fingers! they smell like pubic spice
by ross and chiu May 07, 2005
After you secretly scratch your bare asshole you tell your friends how weird it is that your fingers smell like flowers. Then when they take a whiff, BAMO!, they get a first class sniff of what your ass smells like.
"Dude, thats weird, my fingers smell like flowers." "Really?" "yeah check it out."
by Ross and Chiu May 10, 2005
A game played by a group of guys where they run around naked grabbing eachothers butts and weeners.
"We went camping last weekend and had a crazy game of butts and weeners."
by Ross and CHiu May 11, 2005
when you put plastic rap over your face and have someone shit all over your plastic covered head.
I sure could go for a good glass bottom boat right about now.
by Ross and Chiu May 10, 2005
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