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An acronym that stands for "Boozin' and Makin' Out". The act of consuming alcoholic beverages and making out with nearby persons. Not to be seen as very serious event.
Kip: "I saw you making out with some cute girl last night, what's the deal?"
Ben: "Yeah, it was just a little bit of BAMO. NBD. I didn't get her number or anything."
by bagvoo July 19, 2008
36 6
Slang term meaning 'let's go' or 'move'. Mainly used in some areas of kent.
'Avi, lets bamos to the bus station.'
'bamos?' "indeed, let's go"
by Avibabes June 06, 2009
6 2
bam-o =love you
a sign of affection
"bam-o girl!"
bam-o darling"
"bye hun love ya" - "bye bam-o"
by kristinadizzle April 29, 2006
5 4
a Jewish, Chinese, ladies vagina...
i sent trey a picture of my bamo...
by fu king supa March 14, 2009
5 7
An extremely motivated and active leader.
Our teacher was a complete Bamo.
by James El Tercer May 13, 2007
2 9