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A bong that uses a bucket, a bottle, and a pipe. You smoke it using air pressure, and can take enormous hits because of its design, easily.
by Root January 08, 2003
When your really high see ripped
by Root January 08, 2003
A device that resembles a bong, but it usually doesn't have a carb. Hookah's are almost always designed for 2 or more people, and you suck out of a tube instead of the traditional method.
by Root January 08, 2003
The most common weed found. This weed originated from South America (i'm pretty sure) and is a more stoned/blazed high, where-as the Indica high is more mellow but equally as good.
by Root January 08, 2003
To perform an act of masturbation.
The village idiot was masturbating.
by Root January 20, 2003
masturbating with hand
the village idiot was getting a handjob
by Root January 20, 2003
its when you have admin Privileges on a remote pc.
hey dude, thaks for this fast root!
by root September 10, 2004

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