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phrase from MALIBUS MOST WANTED. means dont hate a playa.
Yo dont be hating just cuz i have 2 girls.
by Roofy April 02, 2003
A playa who says he likes one person.
That wanksta is a slaya, he likes all 3 of the girls.
by Roofy April 02, 2003
not flat. Not uncool.
My boss is flatno, he didnt fire me for coming late to work.
by Roofy March 31, 2003
It means you are hot cause of the sun.
Yo that slaya is felling samosa on you cuz he's in miami.
by Roofy April 02, 2003
run a lap
Yo james go run a lizzo or I'll slap you silly.
by Roofy March 31, 2003
proper way to writ kamasutra kamasutra
by Roofy April 08, 2003
Like a Soup kitchen, A Dick kitchen is dedicated to the altering and preparing of dicks. Also used to denote that the offendee is in fact a dick.
"Dude, stop being such a dick kitchen."
by roofy November 26, 2004

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