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A brand of luxury cigarette made by Sobranie but no longer available, at least in the United States. Black Russians were wrapped in deep brown paper and sometimes had gold tips and had a flavor a bit like Nat Shermans. They were the best cigarettes ever made.
Black Russians had so much tar and nicotine their sale was banned.
by Roody October 13, 2006
An effeminate young gay man. Chiefly derogatory.
Look at those girleens waiting to get in that bar!
by Roody August 17, 2005
to misbehave, to party, to lose control of oneself and do things one shouldn't do, to get in touch with the rebellious part of one's personality
Look at her, she's been screwing every guy she meets! Yeah, she's gettin down with her bad self.
by Roody August 17, 2005
adverb or adjective, short for "safe sex".
Do you bb?
No man, I only play safe.
by Roody August 17, 2005
A guy with whom you have already had a hookup and are not interested in having sex with again. Gay slang. Extension of the concept fresh meat.
Damn that guy is hot! Do you know him?
Oh him ... he's just a carcass.
by Roody August 17, 2005
as a verb, to serve as an escort in the sense of 'male prostitute.' Stressed ES-cort, as opposed to the ordinary word es-CORT, meaning simply 'to accompany'.
Jimmy still EScorts from time to time for some extra cash.
by Roody August 17, 2005
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