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(verb) to get rid of an item and replace it with a newer or better version.

This has been popular on a handfull of message boards, and is beleived to be named after Ethan Forhetz of Illinois, who claims to have been the first person to get rid of a land-line phone and only use a cellular phone.
"I am going to forhetz this old cell phone, and get one that takes pictures."
by Ron Palmer March 23, 2005
In Poker, a straight consisting of Ace-two-three-four-five.

This obviously comes from the TV Show Sesame Street, which helps preschoolers learn to count.
You've got two pair, but I've got Sesame Street.
by Ron Palmer March 23, 2005
(n) In Poker, a pair of nines

This is named after Barbara Feldon's character on the TV show "Get Smart." She was known only as "Ninty-Nine."
You've got a pair of eights, but I've got Barbara Feldon!
by Ron Palmer March 23, 2005
(n) In Poker, a pair of jacks.

Named after two famous Jacks... Jack the Ripper and Jack Tripper from "Three's Company"
You've got a pair of tens, but I've got Ripper and Tripper
by Ron Palmer March 23, 2005
(n) The fleshy part of the human body that you sit on. Also known as "butt" "rear end," or simply "buttocks."
I've got to get off my Rumpus Von Buttocks and go mow the yard.
by Ron Palmer March 25, 2005
(n) In poker, having a hand that consists of at least two nines and two fives. This can either be a pair of nines and fives, or a Full House made up of nines and fives.

From the movie "Nine to Five" starring Dabney Coleman and Dolly Parton
"Your flush doesn't beat my Full House of Dabneys and Dollys!"
by Ron Palmer March 23, 2005
(n) In Poker, having a four-of-a-kind made up of all twos.

See: Chuck
You've got a Full House, but I've got Double-Chuck
by Ron Palmer March 23, 2005

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