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Someone that used to be a person untill they gave up human interaction for interaction through digital means.

Signs often include but are not limited to:
1.Tuhxting-Holding out the zombie word 'uh' while typing a text or social networking to postpone live conversation
2.Speaking fluent Digibonics- short acronym talk
3.Wifilence-Communicating an entire day without using your vocal chords.
4.To Robodrive- Tripping, bumping, or hitting something while texting

5.Googleheimers-Being late for anything because you were on a social network site
6.Having Pokitsons-Mindlessly poking someone for weeks on end
7.To Twitterbate- rapid conversation through any social network
8.Anyone that is Facebook Hot only
9.Commiting Flickrape- Getting turned on from looking at someones photos
10.Having a Zompossie-the 20+ friends that are completely unknown to the user

This phenomenon combines the zombie apocalypse with that of the robotic revolution, the worst and most deadly combination. However, this can be prevented through raising awareness and constant vigilance, or by smashing a Zombot's electronics and a single bullet though the head.
Boy: "I Love You"

Girl: "uhhhhhhhhh....sorry I didnt hear you, what?"

Boy: "This isn't going to work, I don't date Zombots"
by RolandoPico April 19, 2011
To use the word "uh" to pause a conversation with the individual with you in person long enough to finish using a mobile device or computer for anything.

A sign of being a Zombot
I tried to ask for directions on where to go but everyone kept tuhxting me
by RolandoPico April 19, 2011
To get arousal from someone's photos in their profile.

Possibly followed by masturbation.

Often ends up in Googleheimers

A sign of being a Zombot
Ed: "Dude, did you see Rachel's new pics on facebook?"

Sean: "Yea, I Flickraped that yesterday on my lunch break"
by RolandoPico April 19, 2011
When a person doesn't speak out loud for an entire day but still manages to communicate regularly.

Becomes even more of a phenomenon when nobody notices that the person hasn't spoken

A sign of being a Zombot
Man 1: "Ted has worked here for weeks and I just realized I've never heard his voice."

Manuel: "Yea, He's taken a vow of Wifilence."
by RolandoPico April 19, 2011
A group of 20 or more "friends" you have on any site that when you look up or run into you don't associate with, know, or recognize them without research into their identity.

Similar to a group of zombies meandering the streets together that are friends but have absolutely no idea who the others are or would ever recognize them at the annual single's mixer.

A sign of being a Zombot
Ashley has 1000's of Facebook friends that she doesn't even know. She just adds new people daily, Its the largest Zompossie I've ever heard of.
by RolandoPico April 19, 2011
To continuously "poke" one or more people on facebook for weeks, months, or years. Often results in a poke war and cannot be stopped until one person is killed.

A Sign of being a Zombot
Just the other day we all decided we should "poke" Missy at the same time. But when we signed on she had already poked everyone. She had a horrible case of Pokitsons disease.
by RolandoPico April 19, 2011
Being Late or forgetting something because you were distracted by the internet, a computer, or a mobile device.

A sign of being a Zombot
*Bob sprints to time clock*

Kristy: "Your half an hour late! What happened?"

Bob: "Time just slipped away when I found this new site"

Tom: "Ah you had a case of googleheimers today. Last week I had to call in my case was so bad"
by RolandoPico April 19, 2011

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