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(tech. jargon) A term describing a woman who sways her hips from side to side making a wide cadillac turn as she walks. Often used to describe a woman who greatest asset is her luxurious looking bottom. A term is reversed for describe a high class bottom, such as that belonging to an apple bottom or bubble butt.
e.g., Damn, bro, did you see that lady turn the corner...she's got a cadillac azz.
e.g. Jane's got and ugly face, but she know how to walk with that cadillac azz.
e.g. Man, the woman's got an apple bottom plucked from the tree...she's got a high polish on that cadillac azz.
by Roland_07 October 03, 2007
(tech jargon masc. fem.) 1) Describing a person that is a real suck up, i.e., ass kisser, brown noser, or a person that a real jerk/jill off. 2) Tech. term used to describe a politician that will do anything to get a person's vote.
e.g. John is aways goodie goodie with the Boss. That motherfucker is a real grade A knob gobbler.
e.g. Fred's running for president, and he says he will not raise taxes. He's running his campaign on blow job money. I hear he's a traditional knob gobbler, in the biblical sense.
by Roland_07 September 07, 2007

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