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Altporn - alternative pornography. a medium (mainly online but also occassionally in print) consisting of an alternative to mainstream pornography, websites that often offer communities where members can communicate with models, breaking down barriers and exploitation by featuring models who are real people. Often feature men and women of subculture and considered woman friendly and sex-positive.
There has been a recent surge in do-it-yourself, grassroots alporn sites that feature sex positive models of all shapes and sizes.
by Rogue February 09, 2004
best geek ever.
there are plain ordinary geeks and then there is the webmonkey ash
by rogue March 27, 2004
Internet forum-goer. Commonly misspelled as Rougestar. Often mistaken for a pedantic, whining, immature whore.
Roguestar picks on grammar.
by Rogue March 13, 2005
noun. social engineer that utilizes community-based online resources (such as Blogs, Forums, MOOs, Internet Journals, etc.) in order to disseminate ideas that will allow the social engineer to eventually dominate the world

verb. to social engineer community-based online resources in order to disseminate ideas that will allow the subject to eventually dominate the world
(noun) Peter Wiggin is the archetypal catspaw.

(verb) Peter catspawed his way into the position of Hegemon with his online persona, Locke.
by Rogue April 12, 2005
poster of nipple threads on the weebl and bob forums.

international man of mystery
Look at this nipple thread horus posted!
by rogue March 29, 2004
Current Labour MP and Prime Minister of the UK. Subject of alot of diatribe from the nation despite ironically being voted to power by the very same people.
"I voted for Tony Blair"
by rogue March 21, 2003

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