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Ant-eater I'd like to fuck.
Hey Karl, check out the long proboscis on that insect lovin' mammal. A prime example of an AILF!
by Roger McTodger November 15, 2004
A pastry or pie that has a cream filling.
Gertcha, this chocolate ecclaire is the BEST CREAM PIE I've ever had!
by Roger McTodger January 10, 2005
A skilled horticuluturalist who works on steep inclines.
Well I'm no expert on fauna, but I think you need to get an uphill gardener in to deal with all these weeds.
by Roger McTodger November 18, 2006
Ukelele I'd like to fuck.
Phwoar, check out the well tuned E String on that UILF. I wouldn't mind doing a bit of a George Fornby on that fecker!
by Roger McTodger November 15, 2004
The act of going out into the woods armed with a Tesco bag and trying to trap a wolf within.
Gertcha! This is the toughest animal I've ever tried to wolfbag! Sod this, let's go for bacon sarnies...
by Roger McTodger January 10, 2005
Crustacion I'd like to fuck
Hey Bill, did you check out the pinchers on that hot lil' crab back there. That, my friend, is premium CILF. Hell yeah!
by Roger McTodger November 16, 2004
And act of incest for a son, where he is penetrated by his father whilst penetrating his mother.
Gertcha! I was the filling of an incest sandwich last night!
by Roger McTodger November 14, 2004
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