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Commonly known as "Camel Toe"....when a woman wears jeans that are way too tight, and you can cleary see her "lips", and the seam is right up the middle.
Dude, look at that bitch's meat hoof, hanging out in public 'n all. That ain't right!
by rog December 13, 2002
rubbin the head of the cock on a woman clit
i was cocknobbin her before i even slide it in.
by ROG March 02, 2004
Gary, Kevin and Bob, bobbin on each other's nobbins. Also includes licking dingleberries
Two losers kissin another loser's ass
by Rog February 05, 2004
A gigalo, player, or ladies man.
Too Short, Deuce Bigalow, or Hugh Heffner.
by Rog September 29, 2003

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