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Something that you get kicked in the face with
I feel like somebody kicked me in the face...With a Painstick!!!!
by Roflstomper December 29, 2006
an expression used during an event of important significance. Also used when exasperated. As well as in the case of what you had previously expected to take place does not. Exclaimation during a sudden realization.
oh tits!

Walking through a large crowded area
Person A - There's no way we'll make it through this...
Person B - Come on, follow me
Person A - Oh Tits! *Follows Person B*
by roflstomper October 14, 2007
1. terrible party, usually full of cotches.
2. when someone talks up an event to make it seem cool and before you even get out of your car, you know it blows.
3. when you're at a location where you know no one, and no one trys to bring you into the fold.
Person 1: Did you go to the party at Dusty's?
Person 2: Yeah, but I wished I didn't. It was the biggest lamefest ever.
Person 1: I told you man.
by roflstomper November 18, 2007

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