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Something that you get kicked in the face with
I feel like somebody kicked me in the face...With a Painstick!!!!
by Roflstomper December 29, 2006
The act of filling a paint stick up with beer, and then placing one's mouth around the nozzle, pushing the end against the wall or ground, and forcing the beer into your stomach as fast as possible. Best used with shitty beer to get past the taste, and is really just to get drunk as fast as possible. When pushed against floor it is usually accompanied by the saying "You shall not pass".
(guy one)Yeah! Yeah! Fill up that Pain Stick! Suck that shit down dude!

by Blood Sugar October 04, 2010
An elongated high capacity magazine for a handgun. Usually with a capacity for thirty or more bullets. Often, these are longer than the barrel of the gun itself.
"Did you see that shit? That dude had a pain stick in his 9-mil. He's got enough bullets to shoot all our asses."
by zombiebrainer April 03, 2010
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