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Jusania is a beautiful girl who likes to play Halo. She is very good, but still gets pwned at times because she has an over-dependency on grenades. She is meh with a sniper rifle, but is uber with a pistol, and she can grab a flag or two if her partner doesn’t screw up. She will never be the best however, and because of this, she is... Jusanoob
You're pretty good at Rat Race, but when it comes to The Gulch you're Jusanoob.
by RodFlanders August 10, 2004
The paralymbionike is a form of ulvi.
He is a guy, who knows everything better.
Describes himself as a very clever guy, who has the answer to everything.
But he is not abled to show his pretended intelligence, because his lack of vocabulary betrayed him as a boaster.
He trys to hide this with rude language
The paralymbionike is a smartass.
by RodFlanders May 04, 2004

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