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1) When a person occassionally feels like sharing/posting a TON of messages on a social networking website, usually in a short period if time.

2) A phenomenon that occurs to people who don't post on social networking cites too often, but when they do they post ALOT quickly.
12:15pm "Hello all, it's been a while since Ive been on here"
12:20pm "I hate my life"
12:24pm "Good news! I worked out today!"
12:25pm "Argh! Im bored, FML!"
12:27pm "The thorn in my side...needs to go away...it aches"
12:28pm "Ok, Im done posting now...my SOCIAL NETWORKING BINGE is officially over"
by Rockstar Myers August 12, 2010
Clogniffs, ADJ: A word expressing disgust, dissapproval and/or discontent. Started as that funny noise made by a person clearing their throat, and became a derivation of words such as chhh, what the..., or ewwww.
Example 1:

Danny: Um, Morgan just flaked again, he always does that.

Pablo: Clogniffs...
by rockstar myers November 04, 2011
A term coined by a few dudes out of Nor-cal that has become a common saying amongst many drinkers. It simply implies getting booze, but said in a very happy and funny tone.

Broken down on further analysis, it started as "let's get some brew!" After a few weeks it turned into "s-get some brew!" then finally into "SKET SOME!"

Shawn: What are we doing tonight?

Matt: Drinking Shawnsta, drinking, duh.

Shawn: Aite, "SKET SOME!"

Matt: AITE, lets roll!
by Rockstar Myers October 25, 2011
Something said as an after thought, either approving of something or not agreeing. Also used to show surprise, or mock somebody/something.

Has developed into many different variations (such as bloofies, bloofers, doosh, blam) in order to fit into context or to include variety.
Example 1:

Matt: Is this? (pointing to 24 pack of good beer he just bought)

Shawn: Bloof!

Matt: Is this!? (pointing to a micro brew keg)

Shawn: Bloofers!

Example 2:

*at the bar...an ex girlfriend walks in...*

Matt: Blam.

Shawn: What?

Matt: My ex just walked in dude!

Shawn: Ba-blam! Let's bounce.
by rockstar myers October 27, 2011

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