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A person with extensive knowledge of the female genitalia. One who speaks the language of the vagina (i.e. Vulvan and Vaginese).
I'm no gynecologist, but as a trained vagilinguist, I can tell you that the thong is a perfect compliment to the vagina.
by Roccus July 02, 2009
When public health officials don't really know what the hell is going on with a new virus strain. Let's name it Swine, no that's not fair to pigs. How about H1N1 2009? No, Influenza AH1N1!
Boy, am I conFLUsed with all these media mentions about the latest epidemic/pandemic/plague crap that's going down.
by Roccus May 01, 2009
A commercial on TV, YouTube, etc. that is not sanctioned by the company in the advertisement. Or the company or product being depicted is not real.

Simply put, a fake commercial.
Dude, I hate when I miss a great fauxmercial on Saturday Night Live thinking it's real when fast forwarding my DVR.
by Roccus April 15, 2009

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