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A reference used to describe a person who constantly thinks about penis.
Rob: "You know Tom, i find he constantly thinks about penis."

Luke: "You could say he has dick on the brain."
by Robwhite March 07, 2009
When a boy attempts to buy condoms from poundland while in the presence of another girl and a boy.

He then gets caught by the girl buying the condoms however the girl only sees the word 'Ribbed' on the till.

The other boy then claims the condoms to actually be 'Ribbed mints'.
Louise: "Luke did you buy condoms, are you having sex with frankie, OMG!"

Rob: "Ummm no hes not, he bought Ribbed mints louise."

Luke: "Yer."

Louise: "I just saw you put them in your pocket."

Rob: "Sly Luke, sly."
by Robwhite March 08, 2009
Pubic runway

A pubic runway is a style of pubic grooming that resembles the runway in an airport. A Pubic runway was discovered in cheltenham when a boy decided he needed a runway for his toy planes, those planes insidentally crashed into a major coatastrophe.

Rob: "So Luke, i guess your gunna tell me about your pubic grooming again."

Luke "Yes i am, i decided to go hip and cool and make myself a Pubic runway to my penis."

Rob: "Delightfull."
by Robwhite March 09, 2009
Much like roadie running from Gears of war but it is achieved by roadie running like a fat man.

Origionated from Cheltenham from a boy called Broadie who decided that he would be called Broadie and run like the guys off Gears of war.

Co founder of Broadie running is Shane o'connor.
Shane: Roadie Running!

by Robwhite March 08, 2009
Roadie running is a well known cheat used on Gears of war when a noob doesnt know how to kill people without the aid of a games glitch.
Gamer 1: "I was playing GOW yesterday, and i pwned these guys asses."

Gamer 2: "Yer i was on lastnight and i pwned some peoples asses too, i learnt a new glitch called Roadie running, kicks ass!"

Gamer 3: Noob.
by Robwhite March 08, 2009

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