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Short for Abercrombie, which is a clothing company like American Eagle.
I bought some Crombie' jeans at the mall the other day.
by Robocop2489 April 21, 2009
When 2 people have a secret
relationship when alone but when around other people it doesnt show.
I have a hiddenship with Leah;I only talk to her on yahoo messenger but I dont talk to her at school because i know people are going to be teasing me.
by Robocop2489 April 21, 2009
When a dude gets hard when he's dancing or hugging a girl for a period of time.
Ex.1 Whoever saw "The Wood" which is a movie, when Mike was at the dance and he was dancing with Alicia, and he got hard. Thats Called A HugHardie.
Ex. 2
"Yo when i first started chillin wit my girl at da park i almost got a Hughardie when we was hugging."
by Robocop2489 May 03, 2009
To Use Your Knuckles To Knock Someone On The Top Of Their Head Really Hard.
Joey was talkin shit, so i donkey konged that nigga in class. He started crying.
by Robocop2489 May 05, 2009
When a dude gets a girl's number, but there are not really friends,he just call her when he feels like talking to a girl.
There was dis' fine girl at da party. I got her number, but she just a pocketgirl.
by Robocop2489 May 13, 2009
Nice Clothing.

When you have gear that mean you dont wear that FUBU shit.You wear dat Eagle stuff or Lo'
(Polo) clothes.
I went to the King of Prussia mall and came back with some mad gear. I got me some Crombie' jeans, like 8 Lo' shirts, and some Eagle cargos and Pants.AnD i got like 3 Eagle Mocks all in diffrent colors.
by Robocop2489 April 21, 2009

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