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84 definitions by Robin

A term for an annoying, naive and/or otherwise doltish person. Coined from Garfield the Cat's annoying younger cousin.
Quit bugging me you nermal!!
by Robin January 06, 2004
18 12
An insult meaning a person who is gay and has crap hair
Shut up you fucking fagmop!
by Robin January 03, 2005
7 2
when 3 or more guys all have anal sex together in a row
i had a bum train last night, there were 8 of us
by robin November 11, 2003
8 3
Combination of the phrase "your ass" and the slogan "verb, its what you do" thus meaning their ass is what you "do." Often used as an insult or inside joke.

Girl: <anything>
Boy: Your ass is a verb!! Oh!
by Robin June 20, 2006
15 11
something that is a load of bollocks
Mike Riley getting paid to be a referee
by Robin February 06, 2005
5 1
Unable to pacify.
Unable to appease.
My enemy is implacable
by Robin December 05, 2004
13 9
someone aimlessy tapping keys on keyboard to create annoyance to anyone who bothers to read this definition.
fdfdfdssa? uehfdfdfqwf? edfgfg? sdsdw!! dfdofef
ciao dfdfdf
by Robin January 26, 2005
16 13