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Internet slang for being excited about nothing! Or being excited for no reason! Typically a filler in a really terrible conversation.

Related to n.
Sarah(13:03): so.. yeah.
Ben(13:14): n!
Sarah(13:14): me2!
by RobertOldhead June 24, 2007
An adjective to express something being not just crazy but extra crazy.
"That roller coaster was curazy!"
by RobertOldhead June 29, 2007
Accidental racking of someone (male).
Unintentional collision between an object and a man's testicles.
Even though Steve knew that Jill only raccidentally hit him with the tennis ball, he wouldn't talk to her for the rest of the day.

"Did you see Paul at the party? He tried to jump a fence and had a raccident! It was hilarious!"
by RobertOldhead December 16, 2008
adj. full of thought
Look at that jar with a brain in it. It sure is thoughtful.
by RobertOldhead November 07, 2007
1) A combo of great face, ass, and titties on a woman, or in other words really hot in every aspect

2) Going all the way

3) Everything
1) "Daaaamn she's pgot it going on]!"

2) "Dude, I hooked up with this fox I met at the bar last night."
"How'd you do?"
"I got the works."

3) "I'd like a bacon cheeseburger with the works...
because I'm fat."
by RobertOldhead April 03, 2008
v.i. to eat gelato while exercising, particularly going on a walk through a city, the product of which is burning off the calories from walking that you just ingested from the gelato, therefore justifying the indulgence.
San Francisco is a great place to gelatocise!
by RobertOldhead August 31, 2010

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