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A holiday in the United States made to celebrate our past presidents. (Including George W. Bush and Nixon)

When the United States of America won the Revolutionary War in 1783 the People wanted George Washington to be King, but he just wanted to sit on his ass at his luxury estate in Virginia. So instead the People had to settle with him being President, and in their sadness the People decided to hold a birthday party every year for Washington. Politicians later in the 1990s the idiots who invented Political Correctness changed the name from Our King's Birthday to President's Day, and decided that would be a good reason to have 50% off sweaters at JC Penny's.
"Back in my day we walked barefoot through the snow to school. Uphill both ways! And President's Day didn't exist! We celebrated King George Washington's Birthday!"

"Don't miss our semi-annual President's Day Sale. All sweaters: 50% off!"
by RobertOldhead December 10, 2008
Sister I'd *have sex with* Too

Derivation of MILF
Peter: Dude, did you see Chad at parents' night? He's got such a MILF!
Joe: You should see his SIFT!
by RobertOldhead December 07, 2008
One of the new 6 billion Pokemon that have no powers that are original or even good. In fact, if you pay attention to Pokemon that closely, you're probably Asian and younger than 10, and/or gay.*

*reference xkcd
"Have you seen the new Ubuntu release?"
"Nah, I'm not into Pokemon."
by RobertOldhead March 18, 2008

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