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To engage in shenanigans, allowing all inhibitions to be released into one glorious act of tomfoolery.
- Did you see the hott piece last night?
- Yeah, she was totally Down to Clown!
by Robb the Knob 937 January 31, 2010
1. The destruction of a population's integrity by adding two or more clans, fraternities, or social groups of "bros", "brahs", or "brahdahs".

2. The persecution of an impressionable group of people, specifically with the intent of converting or initiating into "bro-hood".

3. The annihilation of society by means of general overexposure to bros.
- Narrator: Little did they know, the brahlocaust had become imminent. The campus would later wither away into a vast wasteland of lifeless, broken dreams.

- What happened to Peter? Why doesn't he hang out with us anymore?

Didn't you hear? They took him in the brahlocaust. He never made it out...

- There are signs of life on this planet. And look, a war stick!

No, it is what they called a paddle. Groups called fraternities had them. It is now clear how they were wiped out.

A Brahlocaust.
by Robb the Knob 937 February 10, 2010
1. A situation in which breasts may present themselves, leading to a night that cannot be improved (breast-wise).

2. A set of breasts that cannot be improved (surgery or otherwise).
Jeremy: How did that hott, tasty piece turn out last night?
Robb: We went back to my place; it was a total breast-case scenario.

Corlin: Did you see that babe walk by just now?
Robb: I know: total breast-case scenario!
by Robb the Knob 937 February 04, 2010

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