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4 definitions by Robard

A big fat ass defecating on your lap.
Sarah's chubby bomb gave me a hard one. It was messy.
by Robard June 15, 2007
6 5
1) material that needs to be dressed away from plants.

2) slang term for red feces caused by high iron intake.
1) You need to clean that chunky crap from them plants so you can get down to the nitty gritty.

2) What a horrible chunky bowel movement.
by Robard June 15, 2007
0 1
a hand with shit on it due to lack of handwashing after the defecation process
Man that kid with jew fro' has some brown shands.
by Robard June 15, 2007
8 13
a large walking stick.
When I hike I use a penis.
by Robard June 14, 2007
5 11