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A combination of two words most women despise being called, the "C" word and "Honey". Most commonly used describing women, but can also be very effective when directed towards men.
Bill: “Dude, your girlfriend totally dogged you last night in front of everyone.”
Ted: “I know, right! If she wasn’t so hot I would have dumped her months ago.”
Bill: “She is a cunney, that’s for sure.”
by RobDnet October 28, 2009
The noxious smell in urine experienced by most people immediately after consuming asparagus. Studies have shown that while many can’t smell the pungent stench, most do extrude it. This phenomenon is most likely caused by farmers adding sulfur to fertilize their soil. The odor is sometimes accompanied by a neon yellow or green hue.
Person A: Damn, your pee is freakin' reekin'! Did you have asparagus for dinner last night?

Person B: Yes, I have asparapee.
by RobDnet May 10, 2007

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