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3 definitions by Rob-Rizzle

A man's penis, though usually said in referance to an erect penis.
Put the Pork Steeple in the Ham Wallet
by Rob-Rizzle December 18, 2005
One's head or skull, usually not in referance to one's face and not to be confused with getting or giving head.
"see a nigga laid out, with his fuckin' top blown off, thats 50, man that wasnt 50."

"fuck wit me, and I'll leave yo top leakin in tha street."
by Rob-Rizzle November 30, 2005
One who commences to excessive and overly audible flatulence in a public facility for his/her own gratification.
I was taking a shit in stall number two, but much to my dismay, there was a twirp in stall number three who farted loudly all throughout my stay.
by Rob-Rizzle December 21, 2005