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The nicotine creamy yellow colour found on the ceilings and walls where heavy (smokers) dwell
Darren eyes scanned through the Dulux colour card, was this some sort of trick he thought to himself, theres no such colour as fagnolia!

On entering the villians lair, the stale smell of nicotine and the subtle hint of fagnolia on the ceiling Holmes came to one conclusion, Moriarti was a heavy smoker with a perchant little boys and puppies
by Rob St Evenage March 05, 2008
A footballer or other person in the public domain who fucks around behind his wifes/fiancees back and gets caught doing so. also see Ashley Cole Teddy Sheringham
"Howay man, I can't believe you've thrown away our marraige for the sake of a cheap slapper, heres your ringback...I'm off to LA"
by Rob St Evenage March 07, 2008
A medical condition suffered by overweight (Chavettes)/(Miwfs) where their thighs start to resemble the old English delicacy (Donar Kebab) usually caused by eating too many of them they are normally found adorned in (lycra leggings) and seen on TV show's like (You Are What You Eat).
(Tracy's) fag shot from her gob and she let out an expletive, it was due to the static shock she recieved from her kebab thighs rubbing together.
by Rob St Evenage March 05, 2008
A zippy

To croak like an orange frog: To try to stop yourself from vomitting by putting your hand over your mouth.
" I think I'm gonna be si Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm "
" Look out he's croaking like an orange frog "
by Rob St Evenage March 07, 2008
Manboobs, Boyboobs, A fat mans bidg fat titties
Depressed that his diet wasn't going as well as it should Chris Moyles consoled himself by eating one of 8 Mars bars he had hidden under his manmams
by Rob St Evenage March 07, 2008
What you look like when you cum, your cum face

A scarecrow

A sex act involving hose pipes and a pastry cutter
" Oh yeah...it feels so good...yeah...oh my god...oh..oh i'm..i'm co..i'm coming "(as if you need to annouce it)
% Oh my god, he looks just like wurzle gumidge when his cummin %
by Rob St Evenage March 08, 2008
A stupid inbred who has nothing going for her

To talk without engaging your brain

To express an opinion on a subject you know fuck all about

To be a total fuckwit

To become famous purely by being annoyingly stupid

Also see Kerry Katona 5ive Jordan Peter Andre
knock knock....who's there....Jade Goody....Jade Goody who?
well...thats show business

" Indians are thin cos they can't cook properly....Oh my god you can see me kebab" from How the fuck did I get famous by Jade Goody

by Rob St Evenage March 06, 2008

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